How Cannabis Can Get You Off Painful Polymyalgia

Can cannabis help relieve polymyalgia pain? Many PMR sufferers patients who have tried cannabis say yes. Learn how cannabidiol (CBD), a compound found in cannabis, can help you get rid of pain caused by polymyalgia.

There has been rising interest in the use of cannabis for treatment of chronic pain disorders like fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis, and the like. A number of people claim that medical marijuana has indeed therapeutic benefits and can relieve pain in patients. Yet many are still doubtful as far as its safety and legality to use is concerned.

Personal experience and testimonies by polymyalgia patients revealed that cannabis or medical marijuana were used as a supplement treatment for pain. In fact, a certain type of cannabinoid, the cannabidiol (CBD) has now been approved for use in the United States and selected countries but regulations vary from state to state.

CBD as Treatment for PMR

Cannabidiol (CBD) cannabis for polymyalgia can be helpful to relieve pain because of its sedative effect. It has been proven to switch off cancer cells to promote healing. After 10 years of research, CBD was discovered to be a potent inhibitor of cancer-causing cells and is now being used as a treatment for many aggressive types of cancer.

Similar to cancer, polymyalgia is characterized by extreme pain. As an autoimmune disorder, polymyalgia rheumatica (PMR) causes inflammation in the body. Such inflammation results to extreme pain and stiffness specifically in the shoulders, neck, arms, and hips. This can be very debilitating especially that PMR often occurs in women over the age of 60.

Cannabidiol (CBD) provides a sedative, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effect in patients. This is why some patients were given cannabidiol (CBD) as a treatment to alleviate swelling and pain symptoms in polymyalgia and other autoimmune diseases.

Studies do show that compared to other medicines, CBD exhibited less adverse effects among its users. This can be a breakthrough miracle drug for polymyalgia sufferers.

What Makes Cannabis Effective for Pain Treatment

Basically, THC or Tetrahydrocannabinol is responsible for pain relief. It is the component that gives users that “high” or psychoactive effect which cannabis or marijuana is known for.

THC has medicinal benefits yet a new cannabinol has been discovered to exhibit medicinal benefits superior to any pharmaceutical drug or medicine. This is Cannabidiol (CBD).

What is Cannabidiol?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is considered to be the second most abundant type of cannabinoid. THC was originally thought of as a byproduct of cannabidiol but has been recently discovered to be both metabolites of CBDa and THCa, their decarboxylated acidic forms. It means that the acidic precursors are dried off by means of extraction or heat which produced CBD and THC. This is the only time that these metabolites would be considered as psychoactive drugs. Cannabidiol retains the medicinal or therapeutic benefits but it eliminates the “high” which some patients dislike.

Is Cannabidiol Safe?

Cannabidiol is now becoming the most preferred alternative treatment of many patients suffering from autoimmune diseases, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fibromyalgia, and polymyalgia. And most importantly, CBD does not have opiate-like side-effects. In fact, many cannabis growers, who were previously bent on producing THC-rich crops, are now growing more CBD-rich strains due to the increasing demand coming from medical users.

Additionally, cannabidiol (CBD) is discovered to suppress appetite. This is in contrast to the effects of THC which increases appetite. CBD can be ideal for PMR patients who are on a strict diet or are obese and advised to cut down on weight.

Cannabidiol or CBD can also be a potential drug to relieve stress and anxiety in polymyalgia patients, especially during painful flares.

Check the regulations in your state or country on how to purchase CBD. There are only certain forms of CBD that is legally allowed, such as CBD oil.

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  1. Thanks I have polyarthralgia and spine problems. I take 15 mg preds with tramadol and naproxen.
    I am expecting this to get worse and these coments have been very helpful.

    • Wow I heard medical marijuana is very expensive. And I can’t afford it it makes me sad,because I’m in terrible pain every day . I also have osteoporosis and ruematoid inflamitory RAand poly maialgia ruematica.

  2. how do I know if Im buy right kind if cannabis I bought some that was cannabis seed oil 100%cannabis sativa hemp seed oil

  3. hi i have been taking CBD oil since last November after asking my doctor to remove me from steriods. the side effectfs of steriods was just awful .it was the magic bullet but the returns was not worth it. My neighbout told me about CBD oil. I decided to try it.
    i began taking 800mg then 1400mg soon i moved up to 2000-mg. moving up higher showed me the dose I needed to take. The inflamination has gone down amazingly. I underpined every thing with prayer. i slso take infra red sauna, and I tothe gym for Aqu fit. when i first began, I could not left my arm, to day i can do all the water exercises. I also change my diet and i take the hightest quality supplement on the market. In truth CBD OIL Works! Dont be afraid.

  4. CBD does NOT help relieve the pain of PMR. This is a fallacy pushed by the sellers of CBD and should be
    dismissed as BS.


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